Avon oak

Our Avon Oak range showcases a quirky and modern design. Featuring dovetailed joints, clean straight lines, and rounded corners. Finished off perfectly with rustic curved handles. These items will provide a fresh and contemporary atmosphere to your home.

Living & Dining

Fixed Top Dining Table 120 x 80


Dimensions: (W) 800mm (H) 780mm (L) 1200mm

Extending Dining Table1400-1800


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 780mm (L) 1400-1800mm

Ladder Back Dining Chair


Dimensions: (W) 470mm (H) 1050mm (D) 530mm

Curved Back Dining Chair


Dimensions: (W) 460mm (H) 1070mm (D) 570mm

90cm Bench [DAV041]


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 460mm (D) 350mm

104cm Bench [DAV042]


Dimensions: (W) 1040mm (H) 460mm (D) 350mm

2 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm (H) 855mm (D) 355mm

Tall Bookcase With 2 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 1800mm (D) 320mm

Sideboard With 2 Doors & 3 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 1650mm (H) 805mm (D) 450mm

Small Cabinet With 2 Doors


Dimensions: (W) 700mm (H) 705mm (D) 320mm

Compact Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 800mm (H) 805mm (D) 320mm

Media Unit / Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 860mm (H) 805mm (D) 350mm

Low Display Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1150mm (H) 855mm (D) 300mm

High Display Unit


Dimensions: (W) 860mm (H) 805mm (D) 350mm

1 Drawer Console Table


Dimensions: (W) 600mm (H) 755mm (D) 600mm

2 Drawer Console Table


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 755mm (D) 300mm

Coffee Table With Shelf


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm (H) 455mm (D) 500mm

Large Coffee Table With Drawer


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 405mm (D) 650mm

Lamp Table


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 450mm (D) 450mm

Nest of Tables


Dimensions: (W) 550mm (H) 505mm (D) 400mm

Standard TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm (H) 505mm (D) 450mm

Corner TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1130mm (H) 505mm (D) 550mm

Wide TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1450mm (H) 505mm (D) 400mm

Low Bookcase With 1 Drawer


Dimensions: (W) 495mm (H) 805mm (D) 320mm


Narrow 3 Drawer Bedside


Dimensions: (W) 300mm (H) 630mm (D) 380mm

3 Drawer Bedside


Dimensions: (W) 500mm (H) 630mm (D) 400mm

5 Drawer Tall Chest


Dimensions: (W) 500mm (H) 1200mm (D) 400mm

2 Over 3 Chest


Dimensions: (W) 890mm (H) 990mm (D) 410mm

3 Over 4 Chest


Dimensions: (W) 1340mm (H) 830mm (D) 410mm

4'6" Bed With 2 Storage Drawers [DAV038]


Dimensions: (W) 1500mm (H) 1100mm (L) 2050mm

5' Bed With 2 Storage Drawers [DAV039]


Dimensions: (W) 1650mm (H) 1100mm (L) 2150mm

Blanket Box


Dimensions: (W) 500mm (H) 940mm (D) 410mm

Double Wardrobe With 2 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 1100mm (H) 1900mm (D) 600mm