Ramore Oak

Our Ramore Oak range is made of solid oak and oak veneer. If you want a sturdy and robust look and feel for your living and dining space, have a look at some of these items.

Living & Dining

Large Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 1370mm (H) 850mm (D) 440mm

Small Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 850mm (D) 370mm

Console Table


Dimensions: (W) 890mm (H) 800mm (D) 350mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 950mm (H) 450mm (D) 580mm

Lamp Table


Dimensions: (W) 410mm (H) 480mm (D) 410mm

Nest of Tables


Dimensions: (W) 570mm (H) 500mm (D) 425mm

Telephone Table


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 780mm (D) 350mm

Small TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 890mm (H) 550mm (D) 440mm

Corner TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 890mm (H) 550mm (D) 440mm

Ladder Back Dining Chair


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 1020mm (D) 500mm

Cross Back Dining Chair


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 1020mm (D) 500mm

Dining Table Fixed 1600 [RAM160]


Dimensions: (W) 800mm (H) 760mm (L) 1600mm

Dining Table Extention 1200 / 1650 [RAM165]


Dimensions: (W) 800mm (H) 760mm (L) 1200-1650mm

Dining Table Extention 1500 / 1950 [RAM203]


Dimensions: (W) 800mm (H) 760mm (L) 1500-1950mm

Low Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 780mm (H) 850mm (D) 250mm

Slim Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 520mm (H) 1770mm (D) 225mm

Large Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 700mm (H) 1751mm (D) 250mm


3 Drawer Bedside Table


Dimensions: (W) 400mm (H) 600mm (D) 350mm

Tall 5 Drawer Chest


Dimensions: (W) 820mm (H) 900mm (D) 400mm

7 Drawer Dressing Chest


Dimensions: (W) 1350mm (H) 800mm (D) 400mm

2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 970mm (H) 1890mm (D) 560mm

3' Bed - Low Footboard


Dimensions: (W) 1040mm (H) 1050mm (L) 2020mm

4'6 Bed - Low Footboard [RAM404]


Dimensions: (W) 1500mm (H) 1050mm (L) 2020mm

5' Bed - Low Footboard [RAM405]


Dimensions: (W) 1650mm (H) 1050mm (L) 2130mm