Breeze Oak

Our Breeze Oak range is made from white oak and veneer. Featuring bronze handles, metal close runners, and grooved panels throughout.
Treated with an oil and lustre finish, bringing out a contrast in the beautiful oak grain.

Living & Dining



Dimensions: (W) 1346mm (H) 901mm (D) 431mm

Display Cabinet


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 1836mm (D) 400mm

Tall Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 660mm (H) 1836mm (D) 380mm

Large TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1600mm (H) 485mm (D) 430mm

Small TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 485mm (D) 430mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 1150mm (H) 416mm (D) 550mm

Nest of Tables


Dimensions: (W) 560mm (H) 546mm (D) 450mm

End Table


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 550mm (D) 450mm

Console Table


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 830mm (D) 380mm

Dining Chair - Grey Fabric Seat


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 1070mm (D) 450mm

Dining Chair - Solid Seat


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 1070mm (D) 460mm

Dining Chair - Brown PU Seat


Dimensions: (W) 460mm (H) 1070mm (D) 450mm

Oval Dining Table Extendable


Dimensions: (W) 1110mm (H) 780mm (L) 1900-2200mm

Dining Table Extention 1200 / 1650 [BRZ163]


Dimensions: (W) 850mm (H) 780mm (L) 1200-1650mm

Dining Table Extention 1400 / 1800 [BRZ183]


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 735mm (L) 1400-1800mm

Dining Table Extention 1800 / 2460 [BRZ243]


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 735mm (L) 1800-2460mm


1 Drawer Night Table


Dimensions: (W) 520mm (H) 600mm (D) 450mm

3 Drawer Night Table


Dimensions: (W) 520mm (H) 600mm (D) 450mm



Dimensions: (W) 940mm (H) 600mm (D) 20mm

4 Drawer Chest


Dimensions: (W) 870mm (H) 932mm (D) 450mm

Tall 8 Drawer Chest


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 1410mm (D) 530mm

6 Drawer Dressing Chest


Dimensions: (W) 1350mm (H) 800mm (D) 450mm

2 Door Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 1100mm (H) 1950mm (D) 630mm

3 Door Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 1504mm (H) 1950mm (D) 570mm

4'6 Bed [BRZ404]


Dimensions: (W) 1510mm (H) 1155mm (L) 2045mm

5' Bed [BRZ405]


Dimensions: (W) 1660mm (H) 1155mm (L) 2145mm

6' Bed [BRZ406]


Dimensions: (W) 1960mm (H) 1155mm (L) 2165mm