Moreton Oak

Naturally beautiful, the warm characterstics of our Moreton Oak Collection lends itself beautiflly to being crafted into a wide range of furniture for living, dining and bed room.

This oak colletion is truly timeless. with featuring quality construction, dovetail drawers, perfect proportions and natural lacqure finish.This range is both charmingly attractive and great value for money.

Bedroom Collection

3 Drawer Bedside


Dimensions: (W) 340mm x (H) 580mm x (D) 350mm

5 Drawer Tall Chest


Dimensions: (W) 500mm x (H) 1020mm x (D) 400mm

2+3 Chest


Dimensions: (W) 700mm x (H)960mm x (D) 400mm

2+4 Chest


Dimensions: (W) 850mm x (H) 850mm x (D) 400mm

3+4 Chest


Dimensions: (W) 1250mm x (H) 750mm x (D) 400mm

Dressing Table/Desk


Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 800mm x (D) 400mm

Swing Mirror


Dimensions: (W) 590mm x (H) 470mm x (D) 140mm

Dressing Table Stool;


Dimensions: (W) 450mm x (H) 460mm x (D) 350mm

Single Robe With Drawer


Dimensions: (W) 610mm x (H) 1850mm x (D) 550mm

All Hanging Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 1850mm x (D) 550mm

Double Robe With Drawer


Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 1850mm x (D) 550mm

Triple Robe With 2 Drawer


Dimensions: (W) 1280mm x (H) 1850mm x (D) 550mm

Combination Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm x (H) 1200mm x (D) 550mm

Panel Bed
[MOR14] 3' Bed
[MOR15] 4'6" Be
[MOR16] 5' Bed

Single     £380

Double    £495

King Size £540

Living and Dining

3 Drwer Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 1300mm x (H) 860mm x (D) 400mm

Compect Sideboard



Dimensions: (W) 750mm x (H) 760mm x (D) 330mm

2 Door Cupboard



Dimensions: (W) 650mm x (H) 670mm x (D) 330mm

Large Bookcase



Dimensions: (W) 900mm x(H) 1800mm x (D) 300mm

Low Bookcase



Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 910mm x (D) 300mm

Console Table



Dimensions: (W) 850mm x (H) 760mm x (D) 300mm

Corner TV Unit



Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 650mm x (D) 450mm

Lage TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm x (H) 510mm x (D) 450mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 800mm x (H) 4600mm x (D) 450mm

Tall Lamp Table


Dimensions: (W) 400mm x(H) 600mm x (D) 330mm

Nerst Of 2 Table


Dimensions: (W) 550mm x (H) 460mm x (D)440mm



Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 460mm x (D) 350mm

Square Drop Leaf Table Closed




Dimension: (W) 900mm x (H) 760mm x (D) 450mm

Square Drop Leaf Table Opened



Dinensiom: (W) 900mm x (H) 760mm x (L) 900mm

Fix Square Table


Dimension: (W) 800mm x (H) 760mm x (D) 800mm

Fabric Seat Chair


Dimension: (W) 460mm x (H) 1050mm x (D) 530mm

Extending Table Opened


Dimension:(W) 800mm x (H) 760mm x (D) 1500mm

Extending Table Closed


Dimension:(W) 800mm x (H) 760mm x (D) 1200 mm