Chunky Solid Oak

Our Chunky Solid Oak range is built to last. With dovetail joints and a hard wax oil finish throughout, these products are durable and easy to care for. If you’re looking to add a contemporary atmosphere to your room, have a browse through this range.

Living & Dining

1 Drawer 2 Door Mini Chest


Dimensions: (W) 720mm (H) 600mm (D) 350mm

Hall Cabinet


Dimensions: (W) 720mm (H) 760mm (D) 350mm

Large Shoe Cabinet


Dimensions: (W) 870mm (H) 870mm (D) 360mm

1 Drawer 2 Door Cabinet


Dimensions: (W) 860mm (H) 800mm (D) 355mm

Shoe Cabinet


Dimensions: (W) 700mm (H) 920mm (D) 360mm

Small Corner Unit


Dimensions: (W) 565mm (H) 800mm (D) 325mm

Tall Corner Unit


Dimensions: (W) 565mm (H) 1500mm (D) 325mm

Large Sideboard


Dimensions: (W) 1505mm (H) 905mm (D) 430mm

4 Door Sideboard [R244]


Dimensions: (W) 1500mm (H) 760mm (D) 430mm

Sliding Door Display Cabinet [R235]


Dimensions: (W) 1500mm (H) 1970mm (D) 430mm

3' Sideboard [R233]


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 850mm (D) 430mm

Glazed Dresser [R234]


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 1985mm (D) 430mm

Triangular Corner Unit Base [R230]


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 780mm (D) 480mm

Triangular Cabinet Top [R231]


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 1980mm (D) 480mm

1 Drawer Console Table


Dimensions: (W) 605mm (H) 865mm (D)350mm

2 Drawer Console Table


Dimensions: (W) 850mm (H) 860mm (D) 355mm

Corner TV Unit Open


Dimensions: (W) 1100mm (H) 550mm (D) 650mm

Corner TV Unit With Glass Doors


Dimensions: (W) 1100mm (H) 550mm (D) 650mm

2 Drawer TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 620mm (D) 430mm

3 Drawer TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1310mm (H) 620mm (D) 430mm

Nest of Tables


Dimensions: (W) 500mm (H) 550mm (D) 500mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 750mm (H) 450mm (D) 750mm

Bistro Table


Dimensions: (W) 750mm (H) 770mm (D) 750mm

Bar Table


Dimensions: (W) 750mm (H) 1080mm (D) 750mm

Large Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 450mm (D) 720mm

Dining Table


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 770mm (D) 720mm

Antique Brown Leather Chair


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 1010mm

1200 Extending Table [R279]


Dimensions: (W) 720mm (H) 770mm (L) 1200-1500mm

1350 Extending Table [R273]


Dimensions: (W) 760mm (H) 770mm (L) 1350-1830mm

1500 Extending Table [R277]


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 770mm (L) 1500-1960mm

1700 Extending Table [R278] With 2 Leaves


Dimensions: (W) 920mm (H) 770mm (L) 1700-2100-2450mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm (H) 450mm (D) 600mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 1350mm (H) 450mm (D) 600mm

Fixed Shelf CD Unit


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 1200mm (D) 205mm

4 x 3 Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm (H) 1030mm (D) 350mm

Slim Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 550mm (H) 1980mm (D) 350mm

1 Drawer Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 800mm (H) 1980mm (D) 350mm

4 x 2 Bookcase


Dimensions: (W) 715mm (H) 1210mm (D) 240mm


2 Drawer Bedside


Dimensions: (W) 400mm (H) 575mm (D) 345mm

2 Drawer Bedside


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 580mm (D) 430mm

3 Drawer Bedside


Dimensions: (W) 510mm (H) 680mm (D) 400mm

4 Drawer Chest


Dimensions: (W) 340mm (H) 1010mm (D) 405mm

5 Drawer Wellington


Dimensions: (W) 610mm (H) 1320mm (D) 430mm

2 Over 3 Standard Chest


Dimensions: (W) 910mm (H) 1020mm (D) 430mm

2 Over 3 Jumbo Chest


Dimensions: (W) 910mm (H) 1150mm (D) 430mm

1 Drawer 1 Door Dressing Table


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 775mm (D) 500mm

3 Drawer Dressing Table


Dimensions: (W) 1100mm (H) 770mm (D) 480mm

3 + 3 Chest


Dimensions: (W) 1500mm (H) 480mm (D) 430mm

Otterman Box


Dimensions: (W) 900mm (H) 500mm (D) 470mm

Swing Mirror


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 480mm (D) 190mm

Small 2 Door 1 Drawer Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 880mm (H) 2000mm (D) 580mm

2 Door 1 Drawer Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 1130mm (H) 2000mm (D) 580mm

Sliding Door Double Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 1300mm (H) 1980mm (D) 620mm

Sliding Door Triple Wardrobe


Dimensions: (W) 1500mm (H) 1860mm (D) 625mm

3' Bed [R285]


Dimensions: (W) 1020mm (H) 970mm (L) 2010mm

4' 6" Bed [R287]


Dimensions: (W) 1480mm (H) 970mm (L) 2010mm

5' Bed [R288] + 6' [R289]

£675       £925

Dimensions: (W) 1620mm (H) 970mm (L) 2160mm