Carmen Oak

Skilfully crafted in solid oak and oak veneers. Our Carmen Oak range is designed to offer both beautiful and practical storage solutions for your home.

Living & Dining

Dining Table Extention 1800 / 2300


Dimensions: (W) 1000mm (H) 755mm (L) 1800-2300mm

Dining Chair With Fabric Seat


Dimensions: (W) 486mm (H) 987mm (D) 400mm

Sideboard Large


Dimensions: (W) 1550mm (H) 830mm (D) 465mm

Sideboard Medium


Dimensions: (W) 1200mm (H) 830mm (D) 465mm

Coffee Table


Dimensions: (W) 1150mm (H) 500mm (D) 600mm

TV Unit


Dimensions: (W) 1250mm (H) 550mm (D) 465mm

Lamp Table


Dimensions: (W) 450mm (H) 550mm (D) 450mm

Nest of Tables


Dimensions: (W) 575mm (H) 500mm (D) 390mm

Display Unit


Dimensions: (W) 990mm (H) 1969mm (D) 409mm


Night Table


Dimensions: (W) 520mm (H) 670mm (D) 430mm

Tall Chest With 8 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 890mm (H) 1240mm (D) 450mm

Tall Chest With 5 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 550mm (H) 1250mm (D) 430mm

Dressing Table / 7 Drawer Desk [CRM414]


Dimensions: (W) 1230mm (H) 760mm (D) 450mm

Vanity Mirror [CRM429]


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 590mm (D) 150mm

Stool [CRM417]


Dimensions: (W) 480mm (H) 480mm (H) 420mm

4'6 Bed [CRM404]


Dimensions: (W) 1492mm (H) 1130mm (L) 2120mm

5' Bed [CRM405]


Dimensions: (W) 1642mm (H) 1130mm (L) 2200mm

6' Bed [CRM406]


Dimensions: (W) 1942mm (H) 1130mm (L) 2200mm

Dressing Chest With 7 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 1230mm (H) 850mm (D) 450mm

Wardrobe - 2 Door, 1 Drawer


Dimensions: (W) 950mm (H) 1890mm (D) 560mm

Wardrobe - 3 Door, 2 Drawers


Dimensions: (W) 1380mm (H) 1930mm (D) 560mm